Africa, The Americas… and now Eurasia!

The SEFACIL foundation is publishing a third collective book within 12 months, this time with the Asia-Europe team of experts led by Prof. Pierre Chabal for a decade now. Composed by at least 50 academics and experts from some fifteen European & Asian Countries, Asia-Europe has a pluri-disciplinary objective to tackle one single and simple question: what (really) means Eurasia?

EVOLVING REGIONAL VALUES AND MOBILITIES IN GLOBAL CONTEXTS provides some in-depth analyses on cooperation policies, regional competition, the limits of regions, mutual understanding, cross-border exchanges, logistics' issues and geopolitics' challenges. From history, international economic relations, politics, geography, economics, cultural studies, public and private law, business studies, public administration, this book draw how macro-economic scheme of an infrastructure and transport network coined as "China’s BRI" changes the Eurasia environment.

Under the co-direction of Prof. Dr. Pierre Chabal and Prof. Dr. Kuralay Baizakova from Al-Farabi Kazakh National University - Kazakhstan, this new publication has aggregated some original papers powered by 36 authors from Azerbaijan, Belgium, PR of China, Estonia, France, Hong-Kong, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Poland, Romania, Russia and Turkey.

You can find the link to download the book here:

La maison d'édition PETER LANG publie les travaux du groupe ASIA EUROPE

Published Feb', 12th